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This 1961 Corvette Was Donated to the National Corvette Museum

An Award Winning Vette for the Collection

1961 Corvette

A Beautiful Addition

The National Corvette Museum has received another fantastic car as a donation. Howard Maxwell donated his award-winning 1961 Corvette to the museum only weeks after taking delivery of his 2020 Zeus Bronze Corvette Stingray. 

“Nowadays, a lot of people are turning cars into restomods,” Maxwell explained during the presentation ceremony for the ‘61. “I was afraid if I sold it, somebody would just want the shell and would basically put a new car underneath it, giving them more conveniences, which is understandable for me.”

Maxwell is a member and judge of the National Corvette Restorers Society and Bloomington Gold. His car has won numerous awards. It makes sense that he didn’t want to see his old car turned into a restomod of some kind.

He first bought the car in 1989 from Howard Heinback. He was at Bloomington looking for a 1967 big block car but he fell for this 1961 car instead.

“The car has always been garage kept and is an original, numbers-matching car,” Maxwell said. “It has its original engine, 4-speed transmission, and Positraction rear end as it came from the factory.”

If you’d like to watch the car being accepted, check out the video below.