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The C8.R Corvettes Have 75 3D Printed Parts

Printing a Winning Machine

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Body, skirts, wing? A lot can be brought over from the C8.R's design language to the Z06 to give it that "derived from a race car" feel

Did You Know How Much was 3D Printed?

The new mid-engine C8.R racecars are some truly amazing machines and they’ve been successful out on the track. That success is in part due to 3D printing. According to Corvette Blogger, each C8.R is equipped with 75 3D printed parts. 

Some of the most surprising parts in the car that are 3D printed include the oil tank, tank inlet and cap, air conditioning driver cooling box and integrated hydration system, the power steering pump bracket, and the headlight assemblies. 

Apparently, 50 of these printed parts were created by General Motors’ in-house team, which means, we’re likely to see far more of this kind of additive manufacturing in the future.

“By utilizing 3D-printed parts, Chevrolet Motorsports is demonstrating the many benefits of additive manufacturing, including manufacturing efficiencies, mass reduction, parts consolidation, creativity and cost savings,” said Audley Brown, GM director, Materials Engineering, Additive Design and Manufacturing. “3D-printed parts can offer equal strength and durability to cast or milled components, which is critical for product development and design.”

Check out the image below that shows all of the 3D printed parts and components on the car. 

3D printed parts Corvette C8.R