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Bold Step — 1985 Lola T711-Chevrolet

Putting the T711 through its paces around the Grand Prix circuit at Silverstone. Photo: Pete Austin

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1985 Lola T711-Chevrolet Photo: Kary Jiggle

Most sports go through periods of change for whatever reason. Sometimes, these changes are to liven things up when things get a little stale, or as a response when it is perceived that the public is losing interest. Other times it’s driven by sponsors or participants mounting publicity campaigns to try and recoup some of the monies invested in the particular sport. Motor racing, over the years, has seen many changes in all formula of the sport. Today’s Formula One appears far more contrived than the heady “golden eras” of years gone by. DRS and double points all trying to keep television audiences watching as the latest Grand Prix season unfolds. Throughout its history, sports car racing has gone through many transformations as well. Like the others, these various changes were intended to keep manufacturers, sponsors, drivers and yes, even the spectators, tuned in and turned on to the on-track spectacle.

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