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Rolling Drag Race: 840 HP Dodge Demon vs 1000 HP Hennessey ZR1 Corvette

HPE1000 ZR1 Corvette vs dodge demon

Two Wildly Powerful Cars

We’ve shared videos of Hennessey Performance’s ZR1 Corvette before, but now the company decided to put that car up against the venerable Dodge Demon in a rolling drag. What ensues is a multi-sensory experience even when you’re watching the race happen through your computer or smartphone screen. You’ll want to be sure to crank up your speakers for this one.

The HPE1000 ZR1 Corvette built by Hennessey Performance should beat the Dodge Demon on paper. It has more horsepower and is more aerodynamic. With that said, the 840 hp muscle car manages to hold its own with the Corvette. Still, it’s pretty clear. If you want the faster car, you should go with the HPE1000 ZR1 Corvette. 

In the video, the two cars come around a track to a starting point outlined in cones. Both cars are even and rolling about 35 mph. Once they hit the cones it’s pedal to the metal and the race begins. the HPE1000 ZR1 Corvette wins easily, and it sounds amazing as it rockets down the straight stretch of pavement. The Demon was not totally embarrassed, though. There’s no denying 840 hp is a lot. Also, the Demon was specifically designed for drag racing.

It would be interesting to see these two go head to head in an official drag race. We get the feeling it would be extremely close, under the right circumstances, we think the HPE1000 could still win some races even though Dodge’s official 1/4-mile time is faster than the one Hennessey pulled in a previous video.