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Culprit Caught: Youtuber Street Speed Finds Vandal

And the perp who tore up his C7ZR1 wrap is not who you may think

Well, I must admit, that was quicker than I expected, as I just did a story on this last Tuesday. And I know many really don’t like Street Speed 717, but naturally, vandalism shouldn’t be condoned no matter how much a Youtuber, or anyone for that matter, annoys you. I’ll concede, it was painful to watch and seemed senseless to jump a brand-new C8 just for clicks, but that’s his schtick and it is what it is. Both I and our Mark Capayas did a story on his two-part off-roading series, click here for part one and here for part two.

The vandalism update begins at 6:30, and Street begins by saying, “although it’s unfortunate, it’s kinda good because it confirms my suspicions that this wasn’t a totally random act, and I think that’s kinda good.” Well, that’s a glass-half-full outlook and makes sense. He goes on to give us two lessons, first be careful who is in your circle, and second most crimes are committed by someone you know.

Street admits, this is not the crime of the century, but the lessons are worth noting. Ironically, it was an employee from a wrap company Street just separated from who decided to tear up his wrap. He tells us it’s been handled, but won’t give his viewers an idea of how it’s been handled. Come on Street, we need to know!

And before Street signs off, he adds one more lesson, which is in today’s world somebody is always watching you, and you’re not going to get away with anything. We often have vibrant discussions over on our Facebook page, I would love to hear from you!  Douglas B.

Understandable why Street irritates Corvette Enthusiasts
Understandable why Street irritates Corvette Enthusiasts