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Bowling Green Assembly Plant Sets New Daily C8 Production Record

4 Minute Read: Is this new record significant, and just how many 2024 eighth-generation Corvettes have been produced?

Photo Credit: Savage Geese via Corvette Blogger

The daily production record of 225 C8s (set back in September of 2023) was beaten last Friday when the Bowling Green Assembly Plant cranked out 228 C8s. As impressive as that record was, it was short-lived, as the plant beat it this Monday with 232 C8s. Then, not to be outdone, the crew on this Tuesday cranked out 242 C8s, toppling all previous daily records.

How is the plant accomplishing these mini-milestones?

According to our friends at the Corvette Blogger, the Bowling Green Assembly Plant is working (and will continue to work) 10-hour shifts for the near future. It’s also reported that there may be more 4-hour shifts on Saturdays, with last Saturday being one of them.

Other interesting tidbits:

  • The plant has produced 728 C8s since Saturday!
  • Look at that recent blast of Z06 production, with 427 produced since January 20th!
  • NO E-Rays have rolled off the line since January 26th, and there have been ZERO customer deliveries to date.

Total 2024 Corvette Production Numbers (as of 1/31/2024):

  • Stingrays: 11,825
  • Z06s: 3,308
  • E-Rays: 48
  • TOTAL: 15,181
Image Credit: Roger Kiel via Facebook

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