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Why Has 2024 Z06 Production Been So Erratic?

Today we look at some odd Z06 production fluctuations, and open up the discussion for the possible reasons.

Photo Credit: Savage Geese via Corvette Blogger

Editor’s Note: This feature will have timely Z06 production updates (scroll down).

Discussions have been surfacing recently around the internet regarding the erratic 2024 Z06 production, which began dipping well below its average on December 20th of last year, making many wonder if we had yet another issue affecting the assembly line. Let’s get right after it with this burning question:

Why Have Only 30 2024 Z06s Rolled Off The Assembly Line This Year?

In the chart below, provided by our dedicated enthusiast Roger Kiel, you’ll notice a complete void in production from 1/04/2024 to 1/09/2024, with a total of 7 days this year when NO 2024 Z06s were produced. The average for 2024 is only THREE Z06s a day. For comparison, the Bowling Green Assembly Plant has been averaging approximately 31 Z06s per production day before this erratic production, and there have been numerous days where 60+ Z06s rolled off the line.

First, let’s take a look at the chart, then visit the speculations from the community on why this is happening.

Chart provided by Roger Kiel

Top Comments and Speculations

“We haven’t heard of any specific issues affecting only the Z06, and many that we have turned to don’t have any answers either, so we’ll keep our eyes out on this.”

  • And some observations from the Facebook community:

Facebook comments credited to the Corvette Blogger’s Facebook page

As you can see, there is still some angst from the community with GM moving to any type of electric propulsion. On the positive front, there have been 2,768 2024 Z06s produced thus far, with a respectable 21 on January 11th, and if we get any definite reasons why Z06 production is crawling and inconsistent, I’ll report it in the next News Recap!

January 24, 2024 Update

An admirable 540 Z06s have rolled off the line since our January 11th update! And there hasn’t been a day with zero production since January 9th (not including Saturdays).

Image Credit: Roger Kiel via Facebook

February 29, 2024 Update

I think the suggestion that we are ramping up for some E-Ray production is likely the best guess. What do you think? We have the fastest-growing Corvette community on our Facebook page, with over 171,000 followers (52,000 since January 2023!). Come join other hardcore enthusiasts and say hello, Douglas B.