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5 of The Most Notable Movie Corvettes

Have You Seen Any of These?

Famous Movie Corvettes

With each passing decade, the Corvette becomes further entwined in American pop culture. This is only fitting, as few if any vehicles are as indelibly American in nature as the Corvette. The Corvette has become the subject of numerous songs, appeared in many product advertising campaigns, and found its way into an endless number of television shows. Along these same lines, America’s sports car has received its fair share of exposure on the silver screen. Throughout the years, GM’s flagship model has made cameo appearances in many movies, too numerous to count. While the Corvette’s role in such movies has varied significantly, all are equally exciting to the true Vette enthusiast at heart. Grab some popcorn and a large soda, as we count down 5 of the most notable Corvette movie appearances.

The Dead Pool (1988) Corvette

If there were to be an actor that is as quintessentially American as the Corvette, it would have to be Clint Eastwood. Reprising his role as the controversial cop “Dirty” Harry Callahan, Eastwood takes on a murderous lunatic in the 1988 film, The Dead Pool. This movie also features a young Liam Neeson, long before he came to be synonymous with his role in the “Taken” series. At one point during the movie, Eastwood’s character is pursued by a remote control Corvette, loaded down with C4 explosives. A chase scene of epic proportions unfolds, ending in an explosion that leaves Detective Callahan and his partner reeling.

Con Air (1997) Corvette

The 1997 hit Con Air, tells the tale of a Fairchild C-123K military transport aircraft, that has been hijacked by an unscrupulous crew of federal prisoners. Working the case is flamboyant DEA agent, Duncan Malloy, who proudly cruises about in a 1967 Corvette. In one of the movie’s most memorable scenes, Malloy states that his Corvette is more than beautiful, instead of describing it as “F****** spectacular!” Unfortunately, the Vette in question meets an untimely demise, after being drug through the air by the previously mentioned hijacked aircraft. Let’s just say that the movie did not hold a happy ending in store for agent Malloy’s Corvette.

Fast Five (2011) Corvette

The Fast and Furious movie franchise has certainly provided automotive enthusiasts with more than their money’s worth throughout the years. The series of films have featured a number of Corvettes throughout its numerous installments. However, few are as memorable as the Grand Sport replicas featured in Fast Five. One of the movie’s most memorable scenes depicts a Grand Sport replica plunging off of a cliff, with co-stars Paul Walker and Vin Diesel in tow. Spoiler alert, both characters survive by diving into the water below, while the Grand Sport, presumably, sinks to the bottom of the water filled ravine.

King Of The Mountain (1981) Corvette

King Of The Mountain chronicles the life and times of a young man, Steve, who is repeatedly drawn to the allure of illegal street racing. In an attempt to retain his title as “King of the Mountain”, Steve races night after night, behind the wheel of his Porsche 356. The film’s most harrowing moments depict a downhill race between Steve, and his fellow racer Cal, who pilots a 1967 big-block Corvette. Interestingly, King Of The Mountain was based upon true events of the 1960s and 1970s, when street racers Chris Banning and Charles “Crazy Charlie” Woit, attempted to one-up each while careening through the Santa Monica Mountains.

Corvette Summer (1978)

What could be more adventurous than spending a summer attempting to rescue a stolen Corvette, from the clutches of wrong-doers in Las Vegas? This was the basis of the 1978 automotive masterpiece, Corvette Summer. In this film, a high school senior takes on the Vegas underworld, in a bid to retrieve his beloved Corvette. To this day, Corvette Summer holds the distinction of being the only mainstream film to feature the name of GM’s flagship model in its title. The heavily modified 1973 Corvette used in the filming of Corvette Summer now resides in the National Corvette Museum.