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1987 Corvette Pricing, Factory Options, & Colors

1987 COrvette

1987 Corvette Factory Options

1YY07 Base Corvette Sport Coupe 20,007 $27,799.00
1YY67 Base Corvette Convertible 10,625 $33,172.00
AC1 Power Passenger Seat 17,123 $240.00
AC3 Power Driver Seat 29,561 $240.00
AQ9 Sport Seats, leather 14,119 $1,025.00
AR9 Base Seats, leather 14,561 $400.00
AU3 Power Door Locks 29,748 $190.00
B2K Callaway Twin Turbo (not GM installed) 188 $19,995.00
B4P Radiator Boost Fan 7,291 $75.00
C2L Dual Removable Roof Panels (coupe) 5,017 $915.00
24S Removable Roof Panel, blue tint (coupe) 8,883 $615.00
64S Removable Roof Panel, bronze tint (coupe) 5,766 $615.00
C68 Electronic Air Conditioning Control 20,875 $150.00
DL8 Twin Remote Heated Mirrors (convertible) 6,840 $35.00
D74 Illuminated Driver Vanity Mirror 14,992 $58.00
D84 Two-Tone Paint (coupe) 1,361 $428.00
FG3 Delco-Bilstein Shock Absorbers 1,957 $189.00
G92 Performance Axle Ratio, 3.07:1 7,286 $22.00
KC4 Engine Oil Cooler 6,679 $110.00
K34 Cruise Control 29,594 $185.00
MM4 4-Speed Manual Transmission 4,298 $0.00
NN5 California Emission Requirements 5,423 $99.00
UL5 Radio Delete 247 -$256.00
UM6 AM-FM Stereo Cassette 2,236 $132.00
UU8 Stereo System, Delco-Bose $27,721.00 $905.00
V01 Heavy-Duty Radiator $7,871.00 $40.00
Z51 Performance Handling Package (coupe) $1,596.00 $795.00
Z52 Sport Handling Package $12,662.00 $470.00
Z6AE Rear Window+Side Mirror Defog (coupe) $19,043.00 $165.00

Base Corvette Roadster (1YY07)

  • The base price of the 1987 Chevrolet Corvette Coupe without any optional equipment.
  • A 350 cubic inch, 240 horsepower engine, 4-speed automatic transmission, removable body-color roof panel, and cloth seats were included in the base price.
  • A reduction in friction from the introduction of roller valve lifters (new for 1987) resulted in a power increase to 240hp, up 5hp from 1986’s aluminum-head engine.

Base Corvette Convertible (1YY67)

  • The base price of the 1987 Corvette Convertible without any optional equipment.
  • A 350 cubic inch, 240 horsepower engine, 4-speed automatic transmission, collapsable soft top, and cloth seats were included in the base price.
  • A reduction in friction from the introduction of roller valve lifters (new for 1987) resulted in a power increase to 240hp, up 5hp from 1986’s aluminum-head engine.

Power Passenger Seat (AC1)

  • Optional, six-way, adjustable passenger seat.

Power Driver Seat (AC3)

  • Optional, six-way, adjustable driver seat.

Sports Seat, Leather (AQ9)

  • Special sport seats that featured inflatable lumbar support and power-adjusted side bolsters.

Base Seats, Leather (AR9)

  • Leather cover option for the standard, base driver and passenger seats.

Power Door Locks (AU3)

  • Electronic locking system that replaced standard, manual door locks.

Callaway Twin Turbo (not GM installed) (B2K)

  • Addition of Callaway Twin Turbos to the existing L98 engine.
  • This option generated a specific equipment build with standard engines at the Corvette assembly plant. The cars were then drop-shipped to Callaway’s Connecticut shop for installation of Callaway-modified twin-turbo engines.
  • This is not a factory installed option. When introduced in 1987, it could be ordered through participating Chevrolet dealers. Fully assembled Corvettes were then shipped from the Bowling Green Corvette plant to Callaway Engineering in Old Lyme, Connecticut, where it received engine (and other) modifications.
  • The 1987 Callaway Corvette had performance ratings of 345 horsepower and 465 lb.-ft torque, and reached a top speed of 177.9 miles per hour when equipped with the .60 overdrive gearing.
  • The first four Callaway Corvettes used replacement LF5 (truck) shortblocks, although all subsequent Corvettes were equipped with modified (reworked) Corvette L98 engines. Additionally, all 1987 Corvettes had manual transmissions and none were equipped for sale in California.
  • 123 were coupes, 65 were convertibles.

Radiator Boost Fan (B4P)

  • An oscillating fan placed in front of the radiator that is used to push air through the radiator.

Dual Removable Roof Panels (coupe) (C2L)

  • Included both a tinted, transparent glass top and a painted top.

Removable Roof Panels, blue tint (coupe) (24S)

  • Blue tinted removable glass top.

Removable Roof Panels, bronze tint (coupe) (64S)

  • Bronze tinted removable glass top.

Electronic Air Conditioning Control (C68)

  • Air conditioning system electronic control unit.
  • Electronic air conditioning control became an available option for couples and convertibles in 1987. In 1986, it was only made available for the coupe.

Twin Remote Heated Mirrors (convertible) (DL8)

  • Driver and passenger side heated rear view mirrors.
  • This option was only available for Corvette convertibles.
  • The heated mirrors were included with the heated rear window in the Z6A defogger option for coupes.

Illuminated Driver Vanity Mirror (D74)

  • The driver side sun visor included a lighted vanity mirror.
  • It was only made available for the drivers side visor in 1987.

Two Tone Paint (coupe) (D84)

  • Optional two-tone paint scheme (available on coupes only.)
  • Options included Silver/Grey, Light Blue/Medium Blue, and Light Bronze/Dark Bronze.

Delco-Belstein Shock Absorbers (FG3)

  • Gas shock absorbers with valving revised for improved ride.
  • The FG3 option offered the Z51’s upgraded shocks without buying the full Z51 suspension package.
  • A joint venture between AC-Delco and premium shock manufacturer Bilstein, these stiffer shocks offered a firmer ride and improved handling characteristics.

Performance Axle Ratio (G92)

  • Optional performance axle ratio of 3.07:1.
  • Was only offered when the Corvette was ordered with an automatic transmission.
  • The actual “Performance Axle Ratio” varied from year to year. The G92 Option was available when ordering either the Corvette or the Camaro throughout the 1980’s and early ’90’s.

Engine Oil Cooler (KC4)

  • Internal cooler used to cool internal components of the automobile’s internal combustion engine.

Cruise Control (K34)

  • Automatic electric cruise control with “resume” and “accelerate” options.

4-Speed Manual Transmission (MM4)

  • Optional manual transmission that was offered as a zero dollar upgrade.
  • A “4+3”, 4 speed manual transmission that was originally developed and built by Doug Nash Company.
  • The “4+3” transmission had overdrives in the top three gears for improved fuel economy.
  • In 1987, the 4+3 Manual Transmission came with a new, heavy duty 8.5 inch ring differential.
  • The manual transmission overdrive selector button was moved from the console to the shift knob itself.
  • Rear axle gear ratios for manual transmission models was 3.07:1.

California Emission Requirements (NN5)

  • Revised emission/exhaust components to meet California Emission standards

Radio Delete (UL5)

  • Optional removal of any stereo components from the Corvette.

AM-FM Stereo Cassette (UM6)

  • Electronically tuned stereo radio with cassette.

Stereo System, Delco-Bose (UU8)

  • Delco Bose AM/FM stereo radio with cassette.

Heavy-Duty Radiator (V01)

  • Optional, three (3) core aluminum radiator.
  • Includes larger diameter transmission cooler.

Performance Handling Package (coupe) (Z51)

  • Heavy Duty Steering and Suspension Upgrade for improved handling.
  • Included heavy-duty front and rear springs, shock absorbers, stabilizer bars and bushings, fast steering ratio, engine oil cooler, extra radiator fan (pusher), P255 / 50VR16 tires and directional alloy wheels (16 x 8.5 (front) and 16 x 9.5 (rear)).
  • The package was also refined in 1987 to include convertible-derived structural enhancements forward of the dash, and a finned power steering fluid cooler. It was restricted to manual-transmission coupes.

Sport Handling Package (Z52)

  • Combination of the Z51 Handling Package with the softer suspension of base models.
  • This option included the radiator boost fan, Bilstein shock absorbers, engine oil cooler, heavy-duty radiator, 16×9.5-inch wheels, faster 13:1 steering ratio, larger front stabilizer bar (except early production units), and the convertible-inspired structural improvements for coupes.
  • This option was available for both convertibles and coupes, equipped with either the automatic or manual transmission.

Rear Window + Side Mirror Defoggers (coupe) (Z6A)

  • Components equipped with heating elements (wire) for defogging.
  • The C4 Corvette used vertically run wire through it’s rear window to achieve proper and timely defogging.
  • For the 1987 model year, this option included heated driver and passenger side rear view mirrors, an option that is available separately for convertibles under option code C2L.


Chevrolet planned an RPO UJ6 low tire pressure indicator option, but the $325 option was on constraint during 1987 due to false signalling problems (the signal from one car could set off the alarm of another in close proximity). However, records show forty-six units installed on 1987 Corvettes. The option returned for the 1989 model year.

1987 Corvette Exterior & Interior Colors

Exterior Colors

13 Silver Metallic 767 Black, White Graphite, Medium Gray
18 Medium Grey Metallic 1,035 Black, White Graphite, Medium Gray, Red
20 Medium Blue Metallic 2,677 Black, White Blue, Graphite
35 Yellow 1,051 Black, White Graphite
40 White 3,097 Black, Saddle, White
Blue, Bronze, Graphite, Medium Gray, Red, Saddle
41 Black 5,101 Black, Saddle, White Graphite, Medium Gray, Red, Saddle
53 Gold Metallic 397 Black, Saddle Graphite, Saddle
59 Silver Beige Metallic 950 Black Bronze, Graphite
66 Copper Metallic 87 Black, Saddle Graphite, Saddle
69 Medium Brown Metallic 245 Saddle Bronze, Saddle
74 Dark Red Metallic 5,578 Black, Saddle, White Graphite, Saddle
81 Bright Red 8,285 Black, Saddle, White Graphite, Red, Saddle
13/18 Silver/Gray 403 NONE Graphite, Medium Gray, Red
18/41 Gray/Black 316 NONE Graphite, Medium Gray
40/13 White/Silver 195 NONE Graphite, Medium Gray
59/69 Silver Beige/Med.Brown 447 NONE Bronze

Exterior Colors

1987 Corvette

Interior Colors

1987 Corvette Colors Interior

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