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[Weekly News Recap] 2023 Production Record? Top 7 States For Z06 Deliveries, And More…

I've curated the top Corvette news from around our community, with resources for those shopping

2023 Corvette Z06
2023 Corvette Z06

I’m in all the corners of the Corvette Internet world, so let me do the legwork for you. Here are the top stories from the Corvette community. This is yet another series of news that may be helpful if you are in the market for a new Corvette.

1) Will 2023 Production Set a New Single-Year Record?

With 2023 model year production set to end in just 20 days, we are on track to potentially set an all-new record, as the C8 nips on the heals of the 1979 Stingray. Here is where we currently stand.

  1. 1979: 53,807
  2. 1984: 51,547
  3. 1977: 49,213
  4. 2023: 48,384
  5. 1978: 46,776
  6. 1976: 46,558
  7. 2016:40,689
  8. 2007:40,651
  9. 1980: 40,614
  10. 1981: 40,606

At the current rate of production, (about 200 total units/day), some quick math indicates the assembly plant could crank out 4000+ more 2023 Corvettes!

That would put TOTAL 2023 production at 52,384, just shy of the 1979 Stingray.

Here are the totals from the 8/04 update:

  • Stingray 150
  • Z06 49
  • TOTAL 199

Thanks to our go-to guy for production updates, Roger Kiel via C8 Corvette Owners (And Friends).

2) The Top 7 States For Z06 Deliveries

The 2023 Z06 is still red-hot will dealers asking considerably above MSRP. Will your odds go up if you live in one of these states? It’s anybody’s guess, but based on a dataset of 3,301 of the approximate 5,200 Z06s that have been built, these are the top seven states and the number of Z06s they have received.

1. Florida – 344
2. Texas – 294
3. California – 276
4. Michigan – 231
5. New Jersey – 204
6. New Hampshire – 191
7. Ohio – 129

Source here

3) Other resources: 2024 Corvette Build & Price Configurators

Whether you are just dreaming or looking to place an order soon, both of these functions from the GM website will satisfy your desires and needs. Another important function of these tools is that you can export your build to your Chevy Rep. This will give him a copy of your exact build, and the reps will rely on this to ensure you the customer are getting your build ordered correctly.

Configurator Links

I hope you have enjoyed this short but concise recap. We have an active community on our Facebook page, I would love to hear from you!  Douglas B.