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[News Recap] Video of C8 Z06’s Catastrophic Failure; Wreck Leaves C7 In Pieces

(1) A play-by-play for a puff of smoke that eventually turns to fire! (2) See multiple pictures of this bizarre wreck that left a Corvette in pieces.

I’m on all the notable Corvette forums and social media pages all day every day, and I’ve done the legwork for you. Here are some compelling stories from the Corvette community, with concise straight-to-the-point summaries for your busy lifestyle.

1) Porsche Owner Helps Notify Z06 Owner of Fire

As a group of high-performance vehicles carves up a California canyon, a Porsche owner does his good deed for the day and alerts the seemingly unaware Z06 owner. There’s a dangerous pass from the Z06 at 57 seconds, and perhaps that is the moment that jarred something loose. It’s not the most riveting video, as far as the fire goes, but there is some great canyon carving to enjoy.

The pass that started it all.

At 1:54 the Porsche catches up to the Z06, which is going noticeably slower by that time.

Then at 2:16, this happens.

Now more smoke, signaling something catastrophic is occurring.

At 2:39 as the pack of vehicles slows down, the Porsche owner honks and yells out his window, “Your car’s on fire!!!” There was a sense of urgency, as the Porsche owner notes, “The flame was visible from under the car, but the onboard dash cam wasn’t able to capture it properly.” Initially, he drives off, but then says, “Our group went back and made sure the driver wasn’t stranded.”

According to “Cars and Cats“, the publisher of the video, the Z06 was brand new with under 2000 miles. When one person commented, “That sounded like rod knock probably from oil starvation“, Cars and Cats agreed with a simple, “Yup“. In an interesting twist, the son of the Z06 owner found the YouTube video and remarked, “I was there in my 458 that was my dad lol, yea rough day.” When asked what happened, he added, “We don’t know, basically told bring back to dealer and I assume they will never tell us, I was in my own car but basically he said car made a noise and engine cut.

2) Street Racing Accident Leaves C7 Z06 in Pieces

Street racing gone horribly wrong is suspected to have caused this bizarre accident in Marion County, Florida, where a C7 Z06 literally disintegrated and left parts strewn along the side of the road. The official statement from Marion County Fire & Rescue reads as follows:

At 8:24am, MCFR units were dispatched to the intersection of State Highway 200 and SW 80th St reference a motor vehicle collision. Multiple 911 callers reported a white Corvette had went off the road, clipped a power pole and breaking the car apart. The power lines were hanging very low, causing the closure of 200.
Friendship Fire Station #21 units arrived on scene at 8:29am and reported power lines hanging low and the white Corvette in pieces. The driver of the Corvette was declared a “Trauma Alert” and transported to a local hospital.
Firefighters secured the scene until the power company and FHP arrived on scene. The cause of the accident remains under investigation by FHP.”

 All images credited to Marion County Fire Rescue

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