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[Time Capsule For Sale] How Much To Park The Lowest Mileage C4 In The Country In Your Garage?

Check out this low-mileage 1989 C4 being offered on the "Low Miles No Miles" Facebook page

A true time capsule 1989 C4 with 270 miles!

The listing for this beautiful 1989 fourth-generation Corvette doesn’t mention anything about the previous owner(s), so the first thing I always wonder is, was this beauty squirreled away in hopes of a nice profit decades later? Or, was it some sort of estate “barn find” from a hoarder type who had no goals of flipping her? In either case, this Bright Red C4 being offered on the “Low Miles No Miles” Facebook page looks to be in remarkable shape, as it should be for such low miles. How Low?

Wow, just 270 clicks, literally, on this old C4’s odometer. [Full Photo Gallery Below]

As I always do on these Facebook listings, here is the LOL Counter and Reaction Analysis:

This listing has a pretty favorable ratio, with just 2 LOLs to 180 total reactions (1.11% LOL to Total). We can stamp this listing as “Facebook Price Police” approved. For context, one of the worst ratios I’ve seen lately had a 72% LOL to Total, and our best so far was a .49% LOL to Total, with this wild 2000 hp C6 Grand Sport.

The next order of business. Are the miles accurate? By the looks of how clean and fresh it is underneath, I would say so.

How much was this beauty new?

$34,775, well that sounds pretty reasonable, but…

How much is that in today’s money?


(Yikes, not the best investment!)

Now, without further ado, what is that asking price?


A simple description from the seller, who lets the vehicle do most of the talking.

Sentiment From the Facebook Community

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