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Our Favorite C4 Corvette Rims

1993 Corvette C4 Anniversary
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Few accessories accentuate the C4 Corvette’s natural appeal quite like an attractive set of custom rims. In fact, one’s eye is naturally drawn to a vehicle’s rims, which serve as a focal point of sorts and a worthy stylistic cue of the highest degree.

For this very reason, a set of custom rims tend to be the first aftermarket purchase made by a significant number of C4 owners. Though the C4’s stock wheels were of value in their own right, they did leave some room for improvement in the eyes of many.

The following guide details 5 of our favorite C4 rims, sure to perfectly complement any fourth-generation Corvette.

Fikse FM5

Corvette Fikse FM5 rims
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For those in search of a sporty, yet a classic-looking set of rims to increase their C4 Corvette’s curb appeal, look no further than Fikse’s FM5 rims. The FM5 was first offered in 1992 and later redesigned a decade later. These rims are constructed using 6061-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum and are widely praised for their positive effects on handling and acceleration.

The FM5 is engineered to include two separate aluminum halves bonded to a forged wheel center. This production process yields a rim that is extremely lightweight in design while maintaining an unsurpassed level of durability. As a result, consumers can expect FM5 wheels to offer performance as flawless as their appearance.


  • Sizing: 17–21
  • Weight: <25lbs
  • Offsets: +39mm–52mm

Where to Buy: Fikse Wheels

Torq Thrust II

C4 Corvette Torq Thrust II rims
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The Torq Thrust II is sure to make the perfect addition to any C4 in need of a little additional eye appeal. These rims are produced by legendary manufacturer American Racing and are offered at a price point well within the budget of many consumers. Torque Thrust II rims are also relatively light in their construction, thereby ensuring that your C4 is not weighed down excessively.

Many consumers will also be pleased to hear that American Racing Torq Thrust II rims are offered in both chrome and polished finishes. This allows motorists to choose the exact style of wheel that best suits their individual tastes. Regardless of one’s choice, Torq Thrust II rims are sure to provide the classic look desired by many Corvette owners the world over.


  • Sizing: 17–21
  • Weight: <21lbs
  • Offsets: -11mm–46mm

Where to Buy: American Racing

ZR1 Rims

Black C4 Corvette with ZR1 rims
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One of the most popular custom wheel options for the C4 Corvette is actually not that custom at all. Quite the contrary, many C4 owners opt to outfit their Corvette with replica ZR1 wheels of the same era.

To say the least, the results of this rim swap are quite impressive, leaving the C4 with a distinct presence worthy of admiration. Fourth-generation ZR1 rims showcase an impressive chrome finish that is undeniably striking.

There are numerous companies that now produce reproduction of fourth-generation ZR1 rims, one of which is Factory Reproductions. The company uses the “FR 21” designation for these specific ZR1 replicas, while also offering wheels of this design in several different finishes, to meet the specific tastes of each consumer.


  • Sizing: 17
  • Weight: <20lbs
  • Offsets: +38mm/+54mm

Where to Buy: Factory Reproductions

Cray Manta

Cray Manta rims on C4 Corvette
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The Cray Manta is an all-out sporty wheel that offers just the right amount of flamboyance, without overshadowing the details of the vehicle on which it is mounted. These particular wheels are also offered in a wide range of individual finishes, far beyond that which is boasted by many brands. These finishes include Chrome, Gloss Black with Mirror Cut Lip, and Hyper Silver with Mirror Cut Lip.

However, it is worth noting that Cray Mantas are among the heavier rims included on this list, weighing in at 25-35 lbs. Nonetheless, if you are not trying to shed additional weight, there are fewer better options for bringing your C4 to life than the installation of a set of Cray Manta custom rims.


  • Sizing: 17–20
  • Weight: 25–35lbs
  • Offsets: +50mm/65mm

Where to Buy: Cray

TSW Nurburgring

TSW Corvette Nurburgring rims
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For those who routinely crave to stand out from the crowd, there is perhaps no better custom wheel option for the C4 than a set from TSW Nurburgring. These wheels are among the sportiest aftermarket offerings available to date, showcasing a distinctively catchy multi-spoke design. All TSW Nurburgrings are constructed of a custom alloy composition and are coated in a matte-black finish.

Of special note is the fact that TSW Nurburgrings are built to last, using only high-quality decorative rivets and extra-thick emblems. Furthermore, this notion of durability and structural integrity is backed up by TSW’s 5-year limited warranty, providing consumers with increased peace of mind.


  • Sizing: 18–20
  • Weight: 17–24lbs
  • Offsets: +35mm–40mm

Where to Buy: TSW