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FOR SALE: 1981 Corvette Coupe

Beautiful in Burgundy

1981 Corvette

A Good-Looking Vette

If you’re in the market for an early 1980s Corvette, then we may have found the perfect car for you. This 1981 Corvette Coupe is currently for sale at eBay.

The car is painted burgundy on the outside, and according to the listing has a matching burgundy interior. This car features Chevy’s 5.7-liter V8 OHV 16V engine. That engine is mated to an automatic transmission. According to the listing, the car is in good working order and has a clean title in the seller’s name.

The car Looks like it may have a few slight blemished on the exterior, but these minor paint chips are not anything serious, and the rest of the car looks straight and well cared for. The odometer shows 66,798 miles, which means the car has been driven and used, but it’s not exactly what we’d call a high-mileage Vette.

At the time of this writing, the classified ad price is $12,500. This means there is no bidding on this car. You can contact the selling dealership and discuss the price with them, though. The car is for sale by AutoSport in Indiana, Pennsylvania. The number for the dealership is (724) 840-3499.