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For Sale: 1977 Corvette C3 ‘Barn Find’

Kinda a Barn Find

A Great Project for a Buyer

The Corvette C3’s curves get us every time. Even on an unrestored one. The 1977 Corvette you see here needs a lot of love, but it’s also not rusted to bits and has a clean title. Found among the San Antonio, Texas, Craigslist listings, it appears to be the perfect car for you to restore to its former glory. The seller is asking $3,000, which is a reasonable price. It certainly needs some care, but C3s go for high-dollar price tags now.

In the 1970s the Corvette was not a massive powerhouse. Emissions made it hard for these big V8s to make a lot of power, but that doesn’t keep these cars from being special pieces of Corvette history and still fun and beautiful cars to own. Sales of the Corvette were high in 1977. This is one of 49,213 examples sold during the model year. There are plenty of other C3s out there for you to consider, but few will be found at this price and in this condition.

The car has been stored outside and been sitting for “a few years” according to the seller. However, it looks complete and the seller claims it is complete. With some care, a tune-up, and a new paint job, you’re probably looking at a nice C3 Corvette here. You can check out the listing by clicking here.