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EVO Magazine Reviews The 2020 Corvette C8 Z51

Let's see what the people who know what's what about supercars think of it

EVO Magazine in the UK, for those that not familiar with it, is second only to Top Gear. It’s the UK equivalent of Car and Driver, Road and Track, the big name magazines and websites.

EVO is also a magazine that has tested quite a lot of supercars, and has had prestige access to many hypercars before almost any other magazine or reviewer has. Basically, they know what they’re on about.

So what are their thoughts on the 2020 Corvette C8?

And to borrow an English expression, it seems that they’re “chuffed to bits” with it (which is a good thing).

Or, as reviewer Steve Sutcliffe puts it, “it’s bloody awesome.” It also helps that he’s driving it at the track where Corvette driving instructors, as well as one of the premiere performance car schools, operate: Spring Mountain.

While the styling is a bit of an office debate for EVO, that seems to be the only sticking point. Praise is heaped upon the excellent brake feel, the responsiveness of the DCT, and the way the car feels when being pushed.

It should be noted, Mr Sutcliffe was driving a Z51 Performance model.

The biggest draw, however, was the engine. While it may be in a different place compared to Corvette’s of the past, Steve comments on how GM and Chevrolet have the balance bang on right for a supercar. As well as the straight line grunt of the engine, which he comments is up there with European supercars.

On handling, Steve also notes that while it’s not a razor’s edge, it’s also very approachable. It’s the kind of car you could get into, go around a couple of corners, and know how it feels without it scaring your pants off.

And if EVO Magazine is heaping praise upon an American supercar, it’s because it deserves it. So, welcome, everyone, to a car that EVO likes. A lot.