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1954 Corvette Production Numbers

1954 C1 Corvette Blue

1954 Corvette Production Volumes

In 1954, a total of 3,640 Corvettes were produced. 1954 Corvette production started in December of 1953 at the St Louis plant in Missouri. This was a renovated plant. A number of new options were added for the 1954 model year. There was a large inventory that remained unsold at the end of the year as competition from Europe took its toll. For more information on the 1954 Corvette, head over to the 1954 Corvette guide.

1954 Production Volumes by Model Variant

Of those cars, 3,640 were all convertibles since that was the only body style in 1954.

1954 Production Volumes by RPO Codes & Colors

Below, we have broken out the 1954 Corvette production builds by RPO codes and options so you can see how popular or rare certain options were. As you would expect the list of options in 1954 was similar to 1953 although there were more color options this year. The RPO options were not actually optional at this point in the Corvette’s history.