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1960 Corvette Production Numbers

1960 Corvette

1960 Corvette Production Volumes

1960 saw the Corvette break the 10,000 unit production mark with a total of 10,261 units produced for the 1960 model year. The options list grew again in 1960 but the base car was not that different than the previous year mechanically and chassis-wise.

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1960 Production Volumes by Model Variant

Of those cars, 10,261 were all convertibles since that was the only body style in 1955.

1960 Production Volumes by RPO Codes & Colors

Below, we have broken out the 1960 Corvette production builds by RPO codes and options so you can see how popular or rare certain options were. All engines except the base included cast alloy valve covers with 7 fins. The base engine included plain painted steel valve covers with the Chevrolet script. The front sway bar had an increase in diameter and a new rear sway bar was added to improve the handling of the car. Also a new aluminum clutch housing reduced the weight of the car by 18 pounds.