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The Corvette Story – 1953 Corvette, Dream Car or Nightmare?

Chapter 4

Corvette Job 1, at Flint on June 30, 1953
The classic image of Corvette Job 1, at Flint on June 30, 1953, shows foreman Tony Kleiber at the wheel of the first hand-built Chevy sports car.

Chevrolet put its heart and soul into the production and marketing of its new sports car, with Mauri Rose demonstrating it to the press. But problems with the bodies and slow market acceptance made Chevrolet doubt its new baby’s future.

The Corvette’s enthusiastic reception at its Motorama launch in January 1953 confirmed Chevrolet’s belief that it had a winner on its hands. That appearance also marked a line of demarcation. It would no longer be the protected baby of Carl Renner and his small and sheltered design team Its appearance now became the responsibility of the Chevrolet production studio on the tenth floor of GM’s research building. 

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