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The Corvette Story – Corvettes Reign in 1954 Motorama

Chapter 5

‘Vette-based dream cars for the 1954 Motorama.
Inspired by their new baby, Chevrolet’s stylists went all-out on three new ‘Vette-based dream cars for the 1954 Motorama.

The Corvette’s very existence stirred Styling Staff designers to create new ideas based on its design. The 1954 Motorama showed the results—a triple play of Corvette derivations that suggested how the model could evolve in the future.

While Chevy’s engineers tinkered with the new Corvette’s anatomy, GM’s stylists explored Corvette combinations and permutations. Here, for the first time, was a GM product with which they could all identify personally. Chevrolet was building a sports car! 

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