Corvette C3 Rambo

A Pro-Touring Corvette C3 Named Rambo

It shows even vintage Corvettes still get some racing in...

Garrett Randall has been into cars since the age of 13, as he explains in the video below. It started with a Camaro and went wild from there.

As well, he is deep into the vintage autocross scene, and while racing in his built El Camino, he felt that he wanted to upgrade.

And so he did… to a Corvette C3.

As should be fairly obvious, this C3 is about as far from stock as you can make it. There’s even a small little decal on the hood that sums up his thoughts on the car: “Built to be THRASHED!”

Corvette C3 Rambo

And honestly, you can’t hold it against him. He put in the hours, the money, the elbow grease, and probably more than a few scraped knuckles getting the car to where he wants it, even though he received a lot of help from JCG Customs, the shop where the car was built up.

Corvette C3 Rambo
The only image of the engine, sourced from FrontStreet

It has an LS motor in it, even though he does have the original, numbers matching LT1 engine in storage, which he says drives more than a few of the Corvette purists crazy.

Corvette C3 Rambo

However, he also knows the history of the car, and that this specific chassis has been autocrossing since the mid-1980s.

Corvette C3 Rambo

In terms of modifications, there are too many to concisely list, but at the least, he specifies that it’s got VanSteel suspension with JRI coilovers, a GM T56 6-speed transmission, custom cooling and fuel delivery system. And, of course, the one-off custom ForgeLine wheels that the body was flared out to be able to fit.

Corvette C3 Rambo


But the real heart of it all, and why we are featuring this video, is one line that Garrett says that rings true with every Corvette fan and owner, about the classic car scene: “There’s something about a loud car, that smells like gas and rides rough, that’s part of… the culture.”

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