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1996 Corvette Production Numbers

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A total of 21,536 Corvettes were manufactured and sold in 1996.

As the model year drew to a close, and the fourth generation Corvette prepared to pass the torch to its successor, it was satisfying to General Motors executives to see a small, but significant, sales increase had occurred.  While few denied the probability that much of it had to do with the introduction of both the Grand Sport and the Special Edition Corvette, the sales numbers had increased to a total of 21,536 units.  Although General Motors noted the increase in sales over the previous year, it was also acknowledged that these increases were still a far cry from the C4’s 1984 introductory model, which had sold more than 51,000 units in its first year of production.

Read more: 1996 Corvette Research Center. With input from Kenny Herman.

1996 Production Volumes by Model Variant

A total of 16,346 coupes were built in 1996 (including cars with the Grand Sport option code). The base coupe (no Grand Sport package) accounted for 75.07% of production at 16,167 units while the base convertible accounted for 20.29% of production volume at 4,369 units made. Of the 16,346 coupes, 1,000 coupes had the Grand Sport package chosen and made up 4.64% of total volume for the year.

1996 Production Volumes by RPO Codes & Colors

Below, we have broken out the 1996 Corvette production builds by RPO codes and options so you can see how popular or rare certain options were.