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1970 C3 Chevrolet Corvette: Image Gallery & Pictures

Check out these great 1970 Corvette images. A number of small changes were made to the C3 in 1970 to update the car and it keep it fresh. As you can see in these 1970 Corvette pictures, the biggest change was in the grille, which sported an “ice cube tray” appearance, and new fender louvers. Clear turn signal indicators were now squared off with an amber bulb behind them, although some cars were built with amber lenses and clear bulbs. We included over 50+ 1970 Corvette pictures, most showing that “Coke bottle” shape (bulged out and distinguished fenders and the more aerodynamic than the C2). You will also notice that there are some pictures of the popular LT1 which also debuted in 1970. As you can see in the photos, it had a bulging, vented hood with “LT1” script. Finally, 1970 also saw the introduction of the LS5 option, distinguishable by its “454” badges on the fender sides. Read more on the 1970 Corvette research center

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