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1955 Corvette Pricing, Factory Options, & Color

1955 Chevrolet Corvette

1955 Corvette Price & Options

2934-6 Base Corvette Roadster, 6 Cylinder 7 $2,774.00
2934-8 Base Corvette Roadster ,8 Cylinder 693 $2,909.00
100 Directional Signal 700 $16.75
101 Heater 700 $91.40
102A AM Radio, Signal Seeking 700 $145.15
290B Whitewall Tires, 6.70 700 $26.90
313 Powerglide Automatic Transmission 625 $178.35
420A Parking Brake Alarm 700 $5.65
421A Courtesy Light $700.00 $4.05
422A Windshield Washers 700 $11.85

Base Corvette Roadster (2934-6)

  • The base price of the 1955 Chevrolet Corvette with a 6 cylinder, :”Blue Flame” Engine.
  • The base price was effective October 28, 1954 and remained the same throughout 1955.
  • The base price included federal excise taxes.
  • Prices did not include local taxes or any additional dealer charges.
  • With the exception of the introduction of the V-8 Roadster,  the 1955 pricing was the same as 1954.
  • This base option price included a 235 cubic inch, 155 horsepower 6 cylinder engine, 3-speed manual transmission, vinyl interior trim, and a soft top.
  • Despite the included 3-speed manual transmission coming standard, the Powerglide automatic transmission was a required option.  There is no known documented 1955 Chevrolet Corvette that includes a 6 cylinder engine mated to a manual transmission.
  • Tachometers for this model read to 5,000 rpms in 500 rpm increments.

Base Corvette Roadster (2934-8)

  • The base price of the 1954 Chevrolet Corvette with a V-8 Engine.
  • While the V-8 was almost universally installed in every 1955 Corvette, records indicate that seven Corvettes were built with 6 cylinder engines during the 1955 production year.
  • This base option price included a 265 cubic inch, 195 horsepower V8 engine, 3-speed manual transmission, vinyl interior trim, and a soft top.
  • Despite the included 3-speed manual transmission coming standard, the Powerglide automatic transmission was a required option until the middle of the production year when the manual transmission started to be used.
  • Corvettes with the V8 engine were (and are) identified by a large gold “V” that overlays the small “v” in the “Chevrolet” script on both front fenders of the 1955 Corvette.
  • The V8 included chrome plated valve covers with the “Chevrolet” script stamped on them.
  • Tachometers for this model read to 6,000 rpms in 1,000 rpm increments.

Directional Signal (100)

  • Also known as a turn signal, it is a switch-controlled light that indicates when a car is about to turn.

Heater (101A)

  • An interior space/.cockpit heater.
  • The heater was not a fresh air type heater.   The heater only recirculated interior cockpit air.
  • Was the same for both the six cylinder and eight cylinder options, except for modifications to the blower motor to accommodate the different voltage between the two models.

AM Radio, signal seeking (102A)

  • A standard Delco, signal seeking AM radio with conventional volume and tuning dials.
  • The 1955 signal-seeking AM radio was the same as the unit put into the 1954 Corvette
  • Radio antennas were standard in all 1955 Corvettes.  The antenna consists of a wire mesh screen fiberglassed into the interior lining of the trunk lid.  Because fiberglass is electrically inert, this solution provided a way of concealing the antenna without creating radio interference.

Whitewall Tires (290B)

  • Original tires were either U.S. Royal Air Ride, B.G. Goodrich  Silvertown or Firestone Deluxe Champion.
  • All tires were wide-whitewall type, with whitewall widths varying from 2.5 to 3 inches.
  • Tires were changed late in 1954 production from tube type to tubeless, though it is believed that both types were available (and used) for a limited time period.

Powerglide Automatic Transmission (313M)

  • An “optional” two-speed automatic transmission developed by GM.
  • By listing the Powerglide automatic transmission as an option, it was implied that a manual transmission was included as standard equipment.  This is not true.  Every six cylinder 1955 Corvette had an “optional” Powerglide transmission installed (and was added to the sales price of the “base” model Corvette.)  The same is true for the V8 models, although General Motors did eventually begin installing manual transmissions by the middle of the model year.

Parking Brake Alarm (420A)

  • A warning light that illuminates/ indicates when the parking brake is applied.

Courtesy Lights (421A)

  • Interior lights mounted on the interior of the car to aid in visibility when outside lighting is unavailable.

Windshield Washers (422A)

  • A washer pump and dispensing nozzle mechanism that dispenses cleaner onto the windshield.
  • The windshield washer systems of the 1955 Corvette were vacuum-operated.
  • It was activated by pressing a floor pedal with coordinator.

1955 Corvette Exterior/Interior Colors

Color Codes

Code Exterior Total Convertible Top Color Interior Color Options
567 Polo White 325 White/Beige Red
570 Pennant Blue 45 Beige Dark Beige
573 Corvette Copper 15 White Dark Beige
596 Gypsy Red 180 White/Beige Light Beige
632 Harvest Gold 120 Dark Green Yellow

Exterior Color Templates

1955 C1 Corvette Exterior Colors

Interior Color Templates

1955 C1 Corvette Interior Colors

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