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What Happens If You Get into a Car Accident without Coverage?

In most states, if you own a car, it is legally binding on you to acquire car insurance too. Being on the road without car insurance is illegal in most parts of the United States. Depending on which state you own a car in, driving without a car insurance could lead to a hefty fine and possibly even some jail time. Getting into an accident is frightening and hectic as it is, but not having insurance for your priceless Corvette to protect yourself from the consequences can make the experience even more harrowing and possibly even dangerous. The following are some common repercussions of getting into a car accident with your Corvette without insurance:

Being Sued Personally for Damages

If you do not have a car insurance for your Corvette that can protect you and cover costs, you will have to pay for the damage done out of pocket. If someone else was involved in the accident, they could sue you personally for the damage done to their vehicle and for any injuries the accident may have caused. Even if you buy insurance the next day, it will be of no help since it will apply only after the accident has already happened. If you had insurance, to begin with, the insurance company would take care of the tab and will pay for how much ever you are held responsible for. But paying for these things out of your pocket can be extremely financially taxing as the bill could go up to millions, depending on the settlement the court arrives at.

Paying a Hefty Fine

If you are driving without insurance you may be liable to pay a fine, the severity of which could differ from state to state depending on the gravity of the accident. If at the time of the accident, you do not have proof of insurance (but you have registered insurance otherwise), you may have to appear in court to show your proof of insurance for your Corvette. If you have been in an accident without owning car insurance, it is best to enlist the aid of a lawyer since the fine and subsequent compensation can be quite large. Consult a lawyer before you make any statement or speak to an insurance claim specialist.

Your License Could Get Suspended

Other than paying legal fines, you may have your license suspended. The regulation surrounding the suspension of license plates differs from state to state. While in some states it could mean your license plate is suspended and your Corvette gets impounded for at least 30 days, in other states your license could be automatically suspended for up to six months. So, it is better to be considerate about having a car insurance for your Corvette in order to avoid experiencing such an unpleasant situation.

No Coverage for Your Corvette or Injuries

As mentioned above, if you are found to be at fault for causing an accident and don’t have the insurance cover to back you up, there will be nobody left but you to cover the cost. This not only means that you could be sued by the aggrieved party for damages, but even the damage done to your own car will have to be paid for out of your pocket. Even worse, if you sustain serious injuries in an accident where you were not at fault, without insurance, you will not be able to sue them for damages. The medical bills will have to be covered by you personally and as you know, medical expenses can burn a hole in your bank account. In other words, without a car insurance for your Corvette, you are left completely hanging, without a legal way to protect yourself.

What If Someone Else Caused the Accident?

As mentioned above, even if somebody else caused the accident, if you don’t have insurance to protect yourself, you have limited power to pull yourself out of the situation. There’s little that you can do to sue the driver at fault if you do not have your own insurance cover. For example, if you’re in a state where the “no pay, no play” law applies, you can only sue for economic damages. The law does not treat those without insurance the same as those with insurance. So, even if your Corvette is alright and you have not sustained any serious injuries, you cannot sue for anything that cannot be quantified in a dollar amount. This means that all the mental and emotional trauma caused by somebody else’s careless driving will have to be borne by you, simply because you didn’t have car insurance for your Corvette. In some states where the law applies, you may even have to pay a fine or at least a portion for the repairs yourself before you are eligible to sue someone else for property damage.

Some states where the law is commonly practiced are:

  • California
  • Louisiana
  • New Jersey
  • Michigan
  • Missouri
  • Indiana

Final Thoughts

Buying car insurance for your Corvette is a kind of proof that the driver can take financial responsibility in the event of a crash or accident. While in most states that means you need to buy car insurance, in some states you can also settle for a safety deposit or a bond. A car insurance is not only a way for you to protect yourself if you cause the accident, but also a way to empower yourself, especially if you were not the one at fault. In states that follow the “no-fault” car insurance model, the state generally expects you to seek compensation from your own insurance company owner. Which means, that even if somebody else caused the accident, you cannot name them in a lawsuit because of the no-fault system. But this simply means you will have to pay for the damages on your own since you don’t have an insurance provider.

Likewise, if you live in a “tort” state, meaning the states in which the no-fault system does not apply, if you were the one that caused the accident, the aggrieved party could sue you for all the damages, including expensive medical bills. Again, you would be left on your own to pay for everything since you do not have an insurance cover. Do the responsible thing and get insured to save yourself from additional hassle. Compare quotes today!