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[Weekly News Recap] Warranty Advisory, Production Record?!? Buying Resources

I've curated the top Corvette news from around our community, with resources for those shopping

The 2021 Corvette travels down the assembly line of GM's Bowling Green Manufacturing Plant.
The 2021 Corvette travels down the assembly line of GM's Bowling Green Manufacturing Plant.

I’m in all the corners of the Corvette Internet world, so let me do the legwork for you. Here are some top stories from the Corvette community, with another series of news that should be helpful if you are in the market for a new (or used) Corvette.

1) A Reminder to C8 Z06 (and E-Ray) Buyers and Sellers

This “Vehicle Retention Policy” from GM is not breaking news, (given it went into effect for 2023 Z06s), and as we reported here some question who the policy is really penalizing. But it’s worth reminding potential buyers of used 2023 Z06s, and those who will be buying a 2024 in the near future, that the policy still exists.

It’s a controversial decision from the brass at GM, that is still sending ripples throughout the community. Interestingly, some owners and enthusiasts on a popular Facebook page are commenting that they have yet to hear from an owner complaining about a voided warranty, so it’s possible this policy is just a smokescreen. I’m on multiple C8 Facebook pages daily and have yet to see any voided warranty posts as well. If I hear of anyone being denied warranty coverage on a used Z06 (sold within the 6-month period), I will report back in a future Weekly News Recap.

Here is the form new 2024 Z06 owners will be required to sign, with a similar disclosure for E-Ray owners (sorry for the clarity, it’s the best available on the internet at the time of publishing). You’ll also notice GM eliminated the 500,000 My Chevy Rewards points, as I previously reported here.

2) C8 Production on Pace to Knock on 1979’s Door

Here are the latest production numbers from our go-to guy on Facebook, Roger Kiel. The big news here (for those hoping for a new production record) is that the end of 2023 production has been pushed back again. As reported by GM Authority, the last day of 2023 production is now September 11th, 2023.

So, how close are we to a record, with 10 days left for the dedicated crew at Bowling Green to crank off 2023s? First, let’s look at the latest production totals.

8/28/2023 Production

  • Stingray 148
  • Z06 38
  • TOTAL 186

Total C8 Production as of 8/28/2023

  • Stingray Standard 41,174
  • Stingray 70th 4,236
  • Z06 Standard 4,745
  • Z06 70th 889
  • TOTAL 51,044

The Target

  • 1979 Stingray Production: 53,807

The Quick Math

At the current pace of approximately 190 C8s per day, and ten days remaining, total 2023 production should land right around 52,944 units. It’s going to be close, as the assembly plant is capable of producing 200 per day, but despite many enthusiasts’ hope for a new record, I think the 1979 C3 is safe!

3) Other resources: 2024 Corvette Build & Price Configurators

Whether you are just dreaming or looking to place an order soon, both of these functions from the GM website will satisfy your desires and needs. Another essential function of these tools is that you can export your build to your Chevy Rep. This will give him a copy of your exact build, and the reps will rely on this to ensure you the customer are getting your build ordered correctly.

Configurator Links

Click here for a C8 Purchasing Guide: Dealers at MSRP and the “Hall of Shame”

I hope you have enjoyed this short but concise recap. We have the fastest-growing Corvette community on our Facebook page, with over 149,000 followers (30,000 since January!). Come join other hardcore enthusiasts and say hello, Douglas B.