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[Weekly News Recap] C8 Prices “Tumbling”, Paint Constraints, Helpful Buying Resources

I've curated the top Corvette news from around our community, with resources for those shopping

I’m in all the corners of the Corvette Internet world, so let me do the legwork for you. Here are the top stories from the Corvette community. This is another series of news that should be helpful if you are in the market for a new Corvette.

1) C8 Stingray Prices Are Tumbling

This video, released three days ago, has garnered close to 75,000 views, and the author has nearly 50,000 subscribers, so it’s worth sharing with our CorvSport readers. The Covid-era market for the C8 has been absolutely bizarre, with unprecedented dealer markups on base and Z06 models, and even private sellers getting in on the action. I really thought it would cool off in late 2022, or at least by early this year, but the hundreds of posts I see weekly on the C8 social media pages seemed to indicate otherwise. But, according to Fourwheel Trader things are looking up.

Video summary from Fourwheel Trader:

After a temporary bottom in the summer, C8 prices continue to decline. The median price for a C8 is now 89,5k and this is 22k or 20% less than what you would have had to pay at the market top. So this means that prices are very slowly moving towards MSRP. But that of course only applies to the Stingrays. The Z06 is a completely different story.

2) New 2024 C8 Paint Colors Under Heavy Constraint

If you have your heart set on one of the new Corvette colors for 2024, you may be disappointed. Here are the three colors affected by the constraints.

Image courtesy of GM Authority

According to GM Authority sources, all three of the new paint options offered for the 2024 Corvette will be under constraint when new units start rolling off the line next month, including 2024 Stingray models and 2024 Z06 models. No units will be painted in Cacti Green, while very few units will be painted in Riptide Blue Metallic and Sea Wolf Gray Tricoat.


3) Other resources: 2024 Corvette Build & Price Configurators

Whether you are just dreaming or looking to place an order soon, both of these functions from the GM website will satisfy your desires and needs. Another important function of these tools is that you can export your build to your Chevy Rep. This will give him a copy of your exact build, and the reps will rely on this to ensure you the customer are getting your build ordered correctly.

Configurator Links

Click here for a C8 Purchasing Guide: Dealers at MSRP and the “Hall of Shame”

I hope you have enjoyed this short but concise recap. We have an active community on our Facebook page, I would love to hear from you!  Douglas B.