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Watch This Lowered C4 Corvette Drift Under a Semi Truck

How Low Can You Go?

Image from @c4drifter

Drifting Low

The C4 Corvette is already a sportscar that sits low to the ground. This helps with aerodynamics and weight distributions, among other things. The car you see above and in the videos below sits even lower. It has been modified so that the highest point of the car is only 43 inches above the ground.

That super-low height allows it to do all sorts of cool things, including fit underneath a semi-truck. The driver, of this car recently posted a couple of videos to his Instagram page. @c4drifter has two videos on his page that show the car sliding under the truck with ease.

It’s unclear how much space is between the truck’s trailer and the ground, but it sure looks like a tight squeeze. The vehicle makes clear, but I’m sure only a few other cars would be able to do the same.

The owner of this car adjusted many things, but the most obvious is the suspension. According to Carscoops, the car’s height was lowered by about 3.7 inches from stock. I doubt any of us would like to see the undercarriage of this C4 it has to scrap bottom often. Anyway, you can check out the cool video by visiting his Instagram page or watching the embedded video below.