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VIDEO: 2020 Corvette vs Tesla Model Y

Drag Race and Track Driving

corvette vs tesla

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The 2020 Chevrolet Corvette and Tesla Model Y don’t compete in terms of the buyers they’re targeted towards. However, they both possess impressive performance and that led TFL Car to put the two cars up against each other in both a drag race and a track drive. 

This is more of a fun test than a real deal comparison, but that doesn’t keep it from being very interesting and extremely entertaining.

The Tesla actually edges out the Corvette in the drag race. However, it’s worth noting that the cars are one mile above sea level and the track and tires were cold.

When it comes to a Hot Lap of the track, however, the Corvette is able to put the Tesla away with a time of 1:00.04. That’s a new lap record for TFL Car at the IMI Motorsports racetrack. The Tesla still managed an impressive 1:02.85. That is eighth on TFL’s all-time list.

The guys at TFL noted that the Tesla was much more of a handful on the track than the Corvette. Its brakes got really hot and the car didn’t handle as well. It’s clear that these two cars are not in the same league whatsoever when it comes to track driving. As Corvette Blogger noted, sometimes numbers aren’t everything, and that’s certainly the case here.