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Vice Grip Garage Breathes New Life into a 1980 Corvette Stingray

Bought It Sight Unseen


It Only Took a Few Hours to Get It Running

Vice Grip Garage has some truly fantastic video content, but the video below recently caught my eye. The video is a long one at about 51 minutes, but you can skip around to the good parts. Basically, he bought a 1980 Corvette Stingray sight unseen and was able to get it running in a matter of hours. 

The car was complete and in relatively good condition, but it sat for about a decade. The former owner was the only owner of this car and managed to put about 84,000 miles on the car. Then when he passed away it sat in a field. All sorts of critters took refuge in it, including a six-foot bullnose snake. The car was located in Tennessee.

After working on the engine and cleaning up the car, the host is able to get the car running. With the car running, the video ends as he’s ready to head to a burnout contest in Florida. The interior of the car is pretty rough, but the exterior looks absolutely fantastic.

Check out the video below.