1980 Corvette

1980 Corvette Production Numbers

1980 Corvette Production Volumes

Chevrolet sold 40,614 Corvettes in 1980, which was roughly a 20 percent decline in sales from the 1979 model year.  At the same time, the numbers were still respectable, especially given that the base price for a Corvette started the model year at $13,140.24 (not including options), and increased four times during the 1980 model year to a final base price of $14,345.24.

1980 Production Volumes by Model Variant

The coupe accounted for 100% of sales in 1980 because the convertible was no longer offered after 1975 for the C3 generation.

1980 Production Volumes by RPO Codes & Colors

Below, we have broken out the 1980 Corvette production builds by RPO codes and options so you can see how popular or rare certain options were.

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