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Twin-Turbocharged E-Ray Corvette Runs The Quarter-mile In Less Than 10 Seconds

The team from Boost District took their two modified Corvettes, a supercharged Stingray and a world-first twin-turbocharged E-Ray Corvette that pumps out  approximately 1,000 hp, to the Texas Motorplex for a track day. They were excited to test the new twin-turbo E-Ray and see how it would perform.

The first pass with the E-Ray was a success. They ran a 9.88 at 148 mph, making it the world’s first 9-second E-Ray Corvette. However, they knew they could improve on the launch and planned to make some adjustments. The supercharged Stingray also performed well, running a 9.6 at 143 mph in very hot conditions.

Watch the video to see just how fast the Corvettes run the quarter-mile!