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The National Corvette Museum Recieves 1970 Corvette Owned for 48 Years as a Donation

Donated by a Corvette-Loving Couple

1970 Corvette

A Fantastic Corvette for the Museum

T. Wayne Lankford and his wife chose to donate their 1970 Corvette to the National Corvette Museum, according to Corvette Blogger. Lankford grew up next door to the wife of Corvette Hall of Fame inductee Chip Miller. When he saw Miller’s Corvette, he knew he would have to have one.

After graduating college, Lankford stopped in a Corvette dealership in Longhorn, Pennsylvania, and bought a Donnybrook Green 1970 Corvette.

“It was one of the salesman’s demo cars, but it was for sale and in mint condition,” he said. “It had about 4,000 miles on it and was in my price range, $4,895. I called Chip and he came and looked at it. We took it for a test drive. He said it was perfect, there was nothing wrong with it – so I made a deal. I put $5 down on the car to hold it for three days.”

1970 Corvette donated by Lankford

They used the car for some time, and then it sat for a long time. From there, Lankford’s wife told him he needed to sell it or restore it, so he restored the car in 2006. 

Over the course of 11 months he was able to bring the car back to life. He’s donating it now because he feels like it will be best loved at the museum.

“Once everything’s over with COVID and at least we see the car,” he said. “We’re glad it’s going to be there, taken care of, and people can appreciate it as we did.”