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The Latest Chevrolet Corvette Teaser Doesn’t Show the C8

It’s All Corvette, Though

The latest Corvette teaser video went up a few days ago. It’s a super short 15-second video with some killer old-school footage of the Corvette through the generations. The company dug back through its archives to showcase how far the car has come. What’s interesting is that the C8 doesn’t appear in the video.

It’s kind of funny to us that the new car doesn’t appear anywhere in the video. The only thing that indicates this is a C8 teaser video and not just a short ad for the Corvette, in general, is that Chevy flashes the date for the official C8 Corvette reveal at the end of the ad. 

That’s honestly a testament to the Corvette brand, and a little mystery always has worked well in advertising. At this point, most folks have seen the C8 Corvette in its camo. Chevrolet denied the car’s existence for a long time, even after there were hundreds of photos of the car testing.

You can check out the whole video below. It’s honestly worth the watch due to the fact that there are some beautiful Corvettes in the footage used. The historic cars never looked so good, and the C7 Corvette at the end of the video looks pretty awesome, too. We’re excited for the C8 to continue on the Corvette legacy.