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The Iconic 70 Vettes From 70 Years Show Has Passed, But You Can Virtually Attend Here

Enjoy a picture gallery from the once-in-a-lifetime Woodward Dream Show and Cruise, where every year was represented, including 1983!

One of the most special things about this iconic 70th Anniversary show was the appearance of the only surviving 1983 Corvette, and I’m leading with this rare Corvette because it birthed the idea of having one Corvette from every year at M1 Concourse’s 2023 Woodward Dream Show. In my exclusive interview with Tim McGrane, the CEO behind the show, I asked the man who runs the M1 Concourse “7 pertinent questions at 70 years”.

During that insightful interview, which you can read here, I asked Tim if there was one person behind the 70 Vettes from 70 Years idea, or if it was a collaborative effort.

Tim:The idea had been discussed in concept but the one person that made it possible was Werner Meier. Because of his connections to secure the one off 1983 Corvette through GM, we were able to pursue the idea. Due to Werner’s lifelong involvement in the world of Corvettes and his connections, he’s been instrumental in securing some great examples of each year of the Corvette for this anniversary photo opportunity.”

Here is Tim (on the left) with the rarest Corvette in existence.

There was also a special appearance from the 2009 Stingray Concept, which we featured here.

Photo Credit: Steve Lagreca Photography

Here is a comprehensive collection of photos from not only the 70 Vettes from 70 Years Woodward Dream Show, but also the historic Woodward Dream Cruise. We have the fastest-growing Corvette community on our Facebook page, with over 148,000 followers (28,000 since January!). Come join other hardcore enthusiasts and let me know which Corvette from the show or cruise was your favorite, Douglas B.

Photo Gallery

All images in this segment courtesy of M1 Concourse or Steve Lagreca Photography

All images in this segment courtesy of Steve Burns, via Corvette Blogger