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The Corvette’s A-Pillars Will Not be Black, They’ll be the Body Color

C8 Corvette A-pillar color

This Is Good News

Some vehicles have blacked out A-pillars. This is the way the C7 Corvette is. It was speculated that Chevrolet would do this to the upcoming C8 Corvette. Well, thanks to a new spy shot, it’s pretty clear that the A-pillars will be the same color as the car. 

Of course, these photos aren’t definitive evidence. They’re pretty clear, but I guess Chevy could still black out the A-pillars on the vehicle. It’s not like these images are super official. Corvette Blogger suggests the person who shot these photos, Corvette_Nut of Corvette Forum, is someone from Chevrolet. The reason? The same user has sent in sightings from various states and has several shots other people haven’t been able to get.

That would suggest he or she has an inside line on the Corvette’s whereabouts. It wouldn’t surprise us if Chevrolet was intentionally leaking images. The company says it’s not, but it would make sense to keep the buzz about the upcoming car high.

Anyway, what we have here is a C8 Corvette test mule with the camo wrap on it. The camo wrap seems to have come off or was taken off to reveal the A-pillar that’s silver. We’re assuming the rest of the car is silver, too. If this is the case, the A-pillars of the C8 Corvette would be the same color as the rest of the car.

This is a departure from the C7 Corvette, but we’re not sure it’s a mistake. Most of the renderings have shown the A-pillars as the same color as the body panels, and that appears to work very well with the rest of the design. However, this likely isn’t what some folks who really liked the blacked-out A-pillars of the C7 were hoping for.