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The Chevy C8 Corvette Convertible Was Teased at the Official Reveal

C8 Corvette Convertible

A Notably Different Design

So, the new C8 Corvette is here and it looks fantastic. We followed along with live coverage of the event and then posted a summary of what the new C8 Corvette is. It is by all indications a giant leap forward. Chevy decided to tease everyone with images of what was to come. There’s a C8 race car coming and a C8 Corvette Convertible. The convertible is the one that stands out to us.

The C8 Corvette Coupe offers a removable targa-style top as standard equipment, but that doesn’t mean that a legitimate convertible doesn’t make sense. The company will build a convertible. During the presentation, there were shots of it. The car features a unique style of its own.

One key area of the car that we want to point out is the area right behind the seats where the engine cover is. Chevy installed two cowls and a retractable rear window. Further back is a grille for the mid-mounted engine. Gone is the glass cover that features on the coupe version of the car. 

We would assume this convertible is a hardtop, however, screenshots from the video do not show the top in its raised position, so it’s a bit unclear what exactly is going on with the roof and the mechanisms that make it open and close.

Chevy didn’t say much of anything about the convertible car, the company just showed off a few images of it. The ones you see here come from Carscoops. The publication managed to nab a few screenshots during the official reveal. It’s exciting to see a mid-engine Corvette, and it’s even better to see that the company will come out with a true convertible version of it.