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Here’s Another Convertible C8 Corvette Rendering

C8 Corvette convertible

The Green Was Nice But We Want Red

Recently, we shared a rendering of the C8 Corvette that showed how the car’s convertible top could operate. Now, there’s a new rendering that has come from the same person who created the first one. Chazcron is an active user on MidEngine Corvette Forum and also shared video renderings on his own YouTube channel. This is the latest.

As you can see in the video below, the car in this rendering is red, and the animation takes place on the opposite side of the car from the last video that appeared on Chazcron’s YouTube channel which we recently shared. That version showcased a green car.

In all likelihood, the rendering will be pretty accurate if Chevrolet decides to go with a hardtop convertible car. A hardtop would make the most sense, though we wouldn’t be surprised to see some kind of soft top, too. If we had a choice, we’d choose the hardtop, though.

A hardtop convertible gives you the best of both worlds. It’s unclear how adding a convertible version to the C8’s lineup would impact the car. When you cut the roof off a car, you usually have to add additional support to ensure structural integrity, especially at high speed. This rendering doesn’t speculate on those details, which will likely be the most interesting. 

As more information about the upcoming C8 comes to light, we’ll report it. We’ll also be reporting on the C8 reveal in July of this year. The new model is right around the corner, but there are still plenty of questions to be answered.