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The C8 Corvette Showed Up at the NCM Bash

C8 Corvette
Image from National Corvette Museum's video

It Was Rumored, and It Happened

We previously reported on the rumor that Chevrolet might bring the C8 Corvette to the NCM Bash held this weekend. Well, a C8 made a quick drive by. Chevrolet had previously said that the C8 would not be at the event. Apparently, it fibbed.

The C8’s appearance was a quick one. It came at around 12:15 pm and did a quick roundabout drive at a slow pace and then roared off. We think it would have been awesome if Chevrolet had let the public get a little bit of a closer look at the car, but the drive-by was still a satisfying appearance.

The car showed up in full camo. The front of it was obscured by some black cladding, too. With that said, you can definitely get a good feel for what the car looks like and its overall size. The National Corvette Museum shared a quick video of the car’s appearance (shown above).

There were countless other news outlets, fans, etc. that managed to snag some good video and photo footage of the car. Corvette Blogger posted its own video of the C8 Corvette making its appearance. We’ve linked that video below.

This appearance by the car could be one of the last before the official reveal on July 18th. We can’t wait for when the car does debut and all of its details are shared with the public.