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The NCM Bash Could Have a C8 Corvette Appearance

National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green Kentucky
The National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

A Drive By Or Something More?

Chevy has officially set a date for the debut of the C8 Corvette. The model will come in July, but before it does, Chevy may have a trick up its sleeve for the National Corvette Museum Bash that happens on April 25. According to the museum’s newsletter, Chevy has some “exciting news about the next generation Corvette to share” with the people gathered for the big bash event.

Megan Marquis, Chevrolet Corvette Marketing & Advertising, was the person who made the announcement in the newsletter. This is good news for anyone planning to attend the NCM Bash.

What exactly that means though is a different story. She said there would be exciting news. That could mean everything from “here’s a C8 still in its camo wrap for you to drool over and speculate about” to a piece of info from the company about the car and no actual C8 close by.

Mary Barra and Mid Engine Corvette
Mary Barra with the Mid-Engine C8 Corvette

According to Corvette Blogger, Katie Ellison of NCM reached out after the publication reported on the news and said that the C8 would not be in attendance at the event. However, she said that the C8 has been seen testing in the area.

The publication and the newsletter both suggest that Chevy might do a quick drive by the NCM. However, Ellison said she has no knowledge of such a thing being planned. That still sounds like there’s a possibility to us. It’s definitely not a confirmation, though. We know we’re reaching a bit here, but it would be awesome to see the car drive by if only for a few good photos. If the C8 does happen to make an appearance, we’ll be here reporting on it.