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The C7 Is a Contender for Automobile Magazine’s 2019 All Stars

2019 Corvette ZR1

The C7 Will Be Missed When It’s Gone

The Corvette C7 will be the end of an era. It is the last of the front engine Corvettes to grace this good earth. With its long hood and prodigious power, the car is the literal sharp end of the stick when it comes to American sports cars. It’s the affordable supercar, an American icon, and that will forever change once the C8 mid-engine Corvette is officially revealed. The C8 will be good, but it will be different.

With all that said, it seems that critics and fans alike are willing to heap praise on the car, and it’s almost surprising that it’ll be the last front-engined cars. Everyone seems to agree it’s fantastic, including Automobile Magazine. While the publication hasn’t officially released its picks for 2019 All Stars, the Corvette ZR1 features prominently in the teaser video for the awards shown below.

Sure, the car isn’t the only one included, and it has some tough competition. However, we’d have to argue that for the money, there isn’t much that can stand up to it. It could be argued that a car costing twice as much or more as the ZR1 should be able to beat it in every way. Those cars generally can’t, and that’s one of the things that makes the ZR1 so darn good.

Chevrolet may let the C7 die once the C8 makes its official debut, but the world will find itself worse off. The C7 is a serious performance machine, especially in ZR1 form. Let’s hope that it earns the recognition it deserves in the Automobile Magazine awards.