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Street Racing: Why Are YouTubers Still Doing it?

With threat of arrest and the dangers, I just don't get it

Maybe my astute readers can help explain the psychology. Why are these kids and (gasp) grown adults still filming their exploits?  Now I’m going to try hard not to climb up on my high horse, as I’ve done some stupid things in Corvettes in my younger years. But in this day and age, it makes no sense.

The other week I was excited to feature a video of a new C8 Z06 against a C7 ZR1. The thumbnail looked enticing, asking the age-old question for muscle car guys, which one is faster?! I was brimming with hope of watching a fun video and close race, as it was from two of my favorite YouTubers.

As I started digging into the video, soaking up the specs and narrative, my anticipation of a great race grew.  I mean look at these numbers!

So call me naive, but by this time in the video I’m thinking what track are they going to take it to? I really did not think higher-quality Youtubers were even playing around on the street anymore. Like I said, call me naive.

Five minutes and 37 seconds in my hope quickly switched to disappointment. There goes the triple horn and off they go. There was even video editing to blur out certain things, in an attempt to hide their locale. It was a shame to waste the video and race and I even thought about asking my editor if I could still do a pro story about the race, but then reality hit: there’s no pro to street racing.  With 88,000 views and only 2300 likes, maybe I am not the only one who thinks so.

In closing, this is by no means a call out to these two Youtubers, and if they happen to come across this story I would love to update it with their rationale. In the meantime, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the why. We often have a vibrant discussion over on our Facebook page, please join us!  Douglas B.