Skeleton C8

Sigala Designs Drives Their Corvette C8 With No Body Panels

If you ever wanted to see the bared skeleton of a Corvette C8, here's your video...

Sigala Designs, an aftermarket company that makes carbon fiber and replacement parts for a lot of vehicles, recently stripped their Corvette C8 of all of its body panels.

Skeleton C8

This is because they are one of three manufacturers, including Pandem/Rocket Bunny and Xiegen, developing a full-on widebody kit for the Corvette C8. Their kit is named the C8RR.

Skeleton C8
The face that says “What are those crazy American’s doing this time? Meh, not worth pulling them over.”

The first step in fitting on a widebody kit, however, is getting the old body panels out of the way…

Luckily for them, they have both US and Mexican development facilities, and this drive takes place in Tiajuana, Mexico. If this had occurred in the US, we don’t even want to think about how many charges would be laid against them for driving on major roadways without mirrors, body panels, doors, bumpers, or having an employee/friend ride in the trunk.

Skeleton C8
We highly recommend that you do NOT replicate this stunt

On the flip side, it does give a good look at how the airflow is managed over and through the car, as well as how big those rear air intakes actually are behind the rear quarter fenders.

Skeleton C8

And, technically, since it did have the lights still on it, and a testing plate hung off the back, it could be considered “legal” in the barest sense of the word. Still, don’t do this at home, kids.

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