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The Pandem C8 Body Kit Looks Crazy

One Cool Way to Alter Your C8

C8 Corvette with body kit

Make Your C8 Stand Out Even More

Body kits are something that we were expecting to hit the market soon for the C8 Corvette, and this kit made by Tra Kyoto is a perfect example. The body kit makes the car look wider and even more aggressive. It’s still being finished right now and the price is unknown at this time.

The Pandem C8 Corvette body kit was showcased on Tra Kyoto’s Instagram page. The company has Pandem/Rocket Bunny body kits for numerous cars, and it’s cool to see the company develop one for the C8 Corvette.

The kit consists of a modified bumper with a new lip spoiler, flared wheel arches, notably different side skirts, rear flared wheel arches, a more robust rear diffuser, and a massive rear wing. All told, the body kit makes the car look a lot more like a racer. If you want the racecar look for your ride, this is the body kit to get.

As we mentioned above, the price for this body kit has not been announced. However, Carscoops reports that it will likely fall somewhere between $10,000 and $20,000. That’s not cheap, but then the transformation of the car is pretty extreme.


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