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Price Police Frustration: Old Man Selling His Z06

Where is your go-to site for selling or buying?

If you have tried to sell a Corvette recently and used social media to drive leads, you’ve most likely been frustrated by the tire kickers and “social media price police”. This video is a funny depiction of how some sellers can be and is mocking the process, but do overly optimistic and rigid sellers excuse this growing trend of the price police antagonizing sellers?

The video (while a little long in the tooth) had enough lols in the beginning to be post-worthy, as they nail most of the cliches with lines like “I’m just testing the waters” and “no low ballers, I know what I have!” then one of my favorites, “the wife’s making me sell it”.

The funnier part of the video rounds out with the remaining go-to lines from sellers, like “I will not reply to texts, calls only” and “don’t ask me if it’s still available, I will not answer if you say that”. There are still a few chuckles left around the 1:05 mark as he starts pretending to get phone calls, “I’ll tell you one thing right now, you better have cash in hand, and I’m firm on my price, I am FIRM on my price!”

I see this annoying and sadly hilarious phenomenon in nearly every listing on Facebook now, whether it be in the general or specific generation for-sale sections. Almost everybody seems to be an expert on what somebody else’s Corvette, which they’re really not interested in buying, is worth.

Here are some recent comments from a listing for a supercharged Grandsport C6 on a community Facebook page. First, there is the guy who bought one similar so he has to chime in with, “I paid less for a 2013 Callaway SC606 with 9k miles last year, you’re overpriced”. And another says, “I’m glad someone is keeping the price of our C6s up lol”. But perhaps my favorite market policeman is the guy with this comment. “My buddy runs a repo company and has started to bring in a lot of C6s that the banks over-loaned on in 2021 and early 2022.”

It’s actually so bad that when it comes time to sell my 2000 FRC I don’t think I’ll even use one of the Facebook message boards, just the regular marketplace listing section. I can’t stand the pricing police and admittedly get very defensive, as I put a lot of time and effort into pricing it according to market, and have spent nearly 2 decades watching the Corvette market.This is one of those gray areas, as the Internet and social media are great until they aren’t, and sometimes it’s not beneficial for everybody to have a voice. What are your go-to sites for selling and buying? And if you have any recent experiences I’d love to hear them, we often have vibrant discussions over on our Facebook page Douglas B.

Here is the video depicting an old man selling his Z06, enjoy a few laughs.