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News Recap: E-Rays Set To Begin Shipping From Factory, Another Production Record

4 Minute Read: When will E-Rays land in customers' hands, and just how many 2024 eighth-generation Corvettes have been produced?

Photo Credit: Savage Geese via Corvette Blogger

The latest buzz on the internet surrounding the polarizing hybrid E-Ray revolves around when actual customers will begin receiving their 2024 E-Rays. The first step to that happening (aside from production) is the invoicing process, and news began breaking days ago that invoicing has begun. This is big news, especially given the initial production delays we reported on here.

Here is the news that ignited the buzz, from our friends at the Corvette Blogger:

You’re about to officially become owners! This morning, we got the word that GM was invoicing the completed E-Rays and that shipping to dealers would soon be underway… We’re also hoping to see some official communications from Chevrolet. In recent years they have posted the very first new customer car coming off the line, and it sure would be fun to see Mr. Hendrick’s VIN 001 Black and Red E-Ray Coupe at the end of the assembly line surrounded by the proud men and women who assembled the car.

This news was confirmed by John, the co-founder and admin at the MidEngineCorvetteForum. John has some insider sources on hot topics and gets some good scoops.

Key Takeaways:

  • John has confirmed an E-Ray was shipped.
  • He’s waiting for the first picture with one at a dealership.
  • None have arrived at the NCM for museum delivery.

Production Update

If you’ve been tracking 2024 C8 production along with us, you’ll notice some odd fluctuations, mostly with the Z06 and E-Ray (click each for our previous coverage). There have also been some strong stretches, with 13 days since January 23rd, when total production hit over 200 units. And on February 19th, the dedicated workers at the Bowling Green Assembly Plant set a new daily record, with 259 C8s rolling off the line. This beat a previous record of 242 C8s, set just weeks earlier.

Total 2024 Corvette Production Numbers (as of 2/27/2024):

  • Stingrays: 14,821
  • Z06s: 4,020
  • E-Rays: 122
  • TOTAL: 18,963
Table courtesy of Roger Kiel, via Facebook

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