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National Corvette Museum to Remodel Admissions and Gateway Areas

Gateway remodel rendering at National Corvette Museum
Image from National Corvette Museum

A Fresh Face for the Iconic Museum

Work has already begun on the National Corvette Museum. The facility is refreshing its Admissions and Gateway areas to better accommodate guests. The project began on January 2, and should be completed by March of 2019.

This is more than just a simple update of the decor. The museum will eliminate a wall between the Gateway area and the Nostalgia area. This will allow the museum to add five to six new cars in the space, showcasing even more versions of the vehicle it’s devoted to. 

National Corvette Museum NCM
The National Corvette Museum, July 15, 2018

The area will also house several additional artifacts that were important to the development of the car. Katie Ellison, the Marketing and Communications Manager for the museum said the changes were needed to help with all the people visiting the facility. She said this in the press release:

As interest in the Museum has continued to grow over the years, so has the need for space to more thoroughly tell the back story of the iconic car. Thanks to donations by many of members and supporters, we’re able to do much needed remodels like this one. Our goal is to refresh a few key areas of the Museum just in time for our 25th Anniversary Celebration.

During the construction, only two cars will move to different locations. While the construction is underway, guests will be routed safely through the construction zone via a special walkway. The Chevrolet Theater will still be accessible both during and after the completion of the project. 

It’s nice to see the museum in a place where it can make meaningful updates to better serve visitors. I’m looking forward to making a trip out to the museum once the construction is complete.