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Multiple Mid-Engine Corvettes Spotted Parked in California

Mid-Engine Corvette
Image from SavageGeese

Just Hanging in the Desert

The automotive YouTuber SavageGeese recently visited San Diego, California, for a press drive of the new Kia Soul and got more than he bargained for by spotting five camouflaged and cloaked mid-engine Corvettes testing in the Californian desert.

Well, the cars weren’t really testing. They were parked in a kind of circle around a pull off of the road. SavageGeese posted the video below on Facebook with the caption, “The C8 Vettes are just hard parked.” We recently reported a sighting of a couple of mid-engine Corvettes in San Diego. However, that was only two of the cars. Now, we can see that there are a few more of the vehicles out testing.

This is further indication that the C8 Corvette is nearing its debut. With that many of the cars in California, we can only imagine the types of testing is going on. There’s also a C7 Corvette parked with the C8s. I would assume that is also a part of the fleet seen here.

Cheverolet must be comparing the models on the California mountain roads. We’d love to see that kind of testing in progress. It would be awesome to see how the C7 and the C8 compare. We’ll just have to wait until the C8 comes out to be able to do some kind of comparison.

The C8 Corvette should come out soon. With more sightings like this, it has to be close. Chevrolet still has not made an announcement as to when or where the C8 Corvette will debut, but we’ll keep an eye out for any future information.