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Two Mid-Engine Corvettes Spotted Testing In San Diego

C8 mid-engine Corvette in San Diego
Image from Corvette Forum

A Beautiful Pair of Camouflaged and Cloaked Vettes

Recently posted to Corvette Forum by user Corvette_Nut, the picture above shows a couple of C8 mid-engine Corvettes stuck in traffic. The picture was taken in San Diego, California. It’s the latest sighting of the upcoming car, though the vehicle has been spotted testing in the state of California before.

This is a clear indicator that Chevrolet continues to make sure the C8 will be ready for production soon. There was a while where we came across no sightings of the C8. That had us a little worried that something might be wrong with the car’s development. With this most recent sighting, it’s pretty clear that Chevrolet continues to move forward. 

This isn’t the first time the user Corvette_Nut posted a quality photo to the forum. In the past, the user shared photos of the mid-engine Corvette testing near California City, California, on Motor Trend’s Car of the Year Test Track. That would indicate that Chevrolet’s gunning for the prize. However, it’s no confirmation, so it is yet to be seen if the car will make the cut for the award’s requirements.

Corvette_Nut posted the image shown above with the caption, “If you happen to be in San Diego, keep an eye out for some Easter Eggs…..” That playful tone was used in the user’s previous postings, too. Despite the quality photo showing two of the cars testing in San Diego, there’s little to be gleaned from the images. Both cars are pretty heavily camouflaged and cloaked, and we can’t see anything we didn’t already know. Still, it’s nice to see Chevy out testing. That bodes well for its upcoming debut.