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Mobil 1 Presents: Uncut From The Track, The C7.R

A trilogy of videos with sights and sounds of V8 anger

2019 Corvette C7.R #64 at Le Mans
2019 Corvette C7.R #64 at Le Mans

Mobil 1, a longtime Corvette Racing partner, has decided that with IMSA and FIA WEC racing still waiting to make a comeback, that looking back at the Corvette C7.R was a good idea.

Frankly, we agree with them!

The first video is uncut sights and sounds from the C7.R at Canadian Tire Motorsports Park

While it is annoying when videos have music over the sounds of the engine, in this case, all Mobil 1 has really done is put a bass drone on the video. Unlike complex melodies and annoying vocals, it lets the roar of the Corvette V8 rise above it, like a general leading the army of noise and power to the horizon.

The same happens in the second video, the Corvette C7.R at Road Atlanta.

Again, the screaming, barking, roaring, and generally quite pissed off V8’s rise above the bass. It is always great to hear an American V8, in motorsports tuning, ripping the air to shreds around it so that our eardrums can be blasted with its glorious sounds.

For the third video, that at the legendary 24 Hours of Le Mans, they have reduced the volume of the bass drone quite dramatically. We don’t mind, as it only serves to make the V8’s all that more prevalent as they thunder against our eardrums!